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One Minute Of Sleep At The Expense Of The Lynx’S Life.

The same cat family, the same respectable predators in Africa, but sometimes the jaguar and the black-eared lynx, also known as the Caracal cat, become hunters and prey.

The images were taken at Botswana’s Selinda Reserve by renowned photographer.

He said the black-eared lynx is a medium-sized cat that lives in Africa as well as West and Central Asia. They can tackle prey two to three times their size but nothing in the face of jaguars.

The black-eared lynx was resting when it was suddenly ambushed by its mother, leaving it unable to move in time. A chance encounter but with the lynx it was a misfortune that cost it its life.

There was not much resistance from the prey and the jaguar quickly carried the lynx up the tree to avoid the eyes of other carnivores.

Usually, the lynx is not a potential prey for a jaguar. But when there is an opportunity, the jaguar does not miss it. One minute of the lynx’s inattention cost it its life. The jaguar is satisfied with the hunted prey.
Jaguars carry their prey up trees to avoid others such as lions and hyenas. Unexpected joy for jaguar mother and baby.