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One Traveling Couple Adopted a Dog and a Cat, and Now They Travel Together

We just love it when dogs and cats live happily together, sσ let’s admit that we can’t help smiling when we look at them. But today we have something really special: 2 close friends who break all negative opinions about cats and dogs and do everything together.

For example, traveling.

Bright Side introduces Henry and Baloo, traveling pets from Colorado.
Meet Henry. In this picture, he celebrates his 3rd birthday and almost the 3rd year since he was adopted by Cynthia Bennet and her boyfriend.

This dog’s owners love hiking and always take Henry with them to explore magnificent Colorado. This dog seems to be excited too!

Henry had been doing well with his owners from the beginning (Cynthia says it was the dog that chose them), and he loved their lifestyle. But he needed a companion.

A few months ago, Cynthia adopted a kitten, something she’d wanted to do for a long time. The couple worried that the Siamese cutie would be a couch potato and would feel sad when his family went away. But everything turned out differently.

Henry got a real co-thinker called Baloo.

Cynthia says it’s impossible to leave the kitten at home because he always wants to be with Henry. Their relationship is exceptional: they live and behave like 2 brothers. Though Cynthia thinks that Baloo treats Henry more like his mom.

Baloo, as well as Henry and their owners, is a true adventure lover. Yes, the dog behaves like a caring older brother: he always looks after Baloo and supports him.

As you can see, Baloo loves to sleep or sit on Henry’s head. But the dog doesn’t care: he likes it when Baloo is as close as possible.

Let’s admit that it’s hard not to believe in their family relationship. What is even more beautiful is that both of them were adopted by people with the same traveling spirit.

Baloo and Henry have lots of adventures ahead. And we’re sure that each day in such company is a really exciting journey.

We’re going to follow these fluffy travelers’ stories. And what about you?