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Photos That Prove How Helpless We Are When Faced With True Forces of Nature

Every year natural disasters occur all over our planet: volcanos erupt, fierce tornados destroy entire cities, and there are millions of earthquakes. Despite the fact that we can fly into space, we still can’t withstand the forces of nature.

The Infor Times has collected photographs for you that prove there is no bigger force than nature. And at the end of the article, there are bonus images about the other side of nature.

1. Kilauea volcano eruption, Hawaii

2. “Sandy” broke a building crane in New York

3. There’s only a handful of days in the year where the morning light lines up perfectly with the hole in Hollow Rock.

4. Volcanic lightning during the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull

5. Incredible lenticular clouds over Alvord Desert in SE Oregon

6. This tree was struck by lightning 3 hours ago.

7. A Pacific storm from 37,000 feet above the ocean

8. This abandoned road is now a part of a river.

9. Hurricane Gonzalo viewed from the International Space Station

10. After a weekend storm in New England, a puffer fish was found in a tree.

11. This storm front turned the sky green.

12. A roof blown by the wind hit the transmission lines.

13. The consequences of a hurricane:

14. Forest fires in California

15. Lightning

16. “The aftermath of the flooding in my town yesterday.”

17. An earthquake in Japan

18. A thunderstorm and a tornado

Bonus: When nature is sσ powerful, it takes our breath away:

Looks like David and Goliath.

Vast colonies of king penguins on South Georgia Island

Flamingos in Mexico

Have you ever faced a force of nature? Tell us in the comment section below!