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Rescue Pup Barks For Five Hours To Save Life Of Her Injured 92-Year-Old Human

This is the moment a rescued chihuahua repays the debt of rescuing by howling non-stop for over five hours to save her 92-year-old human.

Meet Marie Alexander of Inverness Florida and her little chihuahua who have been inseparable ever since she rescued the tiny pup.

The pair have been close, and have a deep love connection as they consoled each other throughout the time they spent together.

One day, Marie lost her balance and fell over while going out to check her mailbox, she was left helpless after leaving her mobile phone inside the house.

Sassy immediately saw that her human needed some help, and despite not being able to pick her back up, she did what she could and barked non-stop for five hours until someone came to help.

“My foot twisted and I simply fell backward as I attempted to go up on a walkway,” said Marie.

“She slammed the brakes on every car that passed.” Each time, Sassy walked up alongside me and licked my face.”

Despite the exhausting heat, Sassy didn’t give up trying to get someone’s attention, and eventually, a couple heard her and decided to investigate the furious barking they heard.

The couple arrived just in time, and Marie was hoisted off straight to the hospital to recover.

She was extremely dehydrated and had a few broken ribs, but was still alive thanks to her little furry best friend.

“I saved her at the shelter and she saved me,” the woman said. “People don’t give animals credit for what they do!”