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Scientists Show Us 11 Scary Creatures Living in Australia

There are a lot of different species living in Australia: from cute kangaroos to really scary animals that nobody wants to see in real life. Some of them look like they could be the main characters in a sea-horror movie.

We at Bright Side get the chills when we look at these creatures and we decided to show you the most impressive ones. And at the end of the article, there is a bonus about Australian animals’ eating habits.

1. Grimpoteuthis

Deepwater octopuses are, on average, about 8 inches long. However, there are exceptions: the biggest one was 70 inches long and weighed 16 lbs.

2. Brittle star

Relax, this brittle star is not dangerous for people, but in some poses it does look like a face crab from horror movies. Some stars have big tentacles and the more of them they have, the scarier they look.

3. Sea spider

Those who are scared of spiders can’t relax in water or on land. Scientists know of more than 1000 kinds of sea spiders that live both near the shore and in deep water.

4. Faceless fish

This scary fish doesn’t have a face, only a mouth and nostrils. But it lives sσ deep in the sea that it doesn’t need eyes anyway. By the way, the last time this fish was caught was in 1873.

5. Anthozoa

It doesn’t look really scary, but it can be dangerous. Anthozoa can sting a careless diver.

6. Deepsea lizardfish

The razor sharp teeth and dark eyes of this fish can scare anyone. However, there is no need to be scared — even if you go diving near the Australian shore, you won’t see this fish. It lives from 3000 ft to 8000 ft deep.

7. Blobfish

Even though this fish is famous for its funny appearance, it’s actually quite unique because it’s endemic to Australia. This means that it lives only in one place in the world. Unfortunately, it’s an endangered species now.

8. Tripodfish

The tripodfish also looks quite unusual. Its long bones allow it to stand while it’s hunting.

9. Isopoda

These peaceful-looking creatures will soon conquer the planet — there are more than 10.5 thousand species both in the water and on the land. Another weird fact is that some of them are hardly visible while others are very large.

10. Viperfish

Despite their very small size (13 in), these fish look very scary. Their bodies are covered with glowing organs that help them find each other in the depths of the ocean.

11. Earthworms

Aside from the really creepy look, there is nothing scary about earthworms. Their length varies from 0.039 in to 9.8 ft. They are actually very useful for the environment because they can convert soil into humus which improves the fertility of the soil.

Bonus: Animals eating animals in Australia

Poor snake eaten by a frog.

No need to worry about the crocodiles. In Australia, the snakes will take care of them.

Which of the creatures seemed the scariest? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!