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Terrified About 60 Orcas Att.acked And Ki.lled The 20 Meter Blue Whale

Through the thick smoke, we spotted a few birds flying in the distance. Beneath the birds, something huge was splashing in the water.

It wasn’t long before we began to notice: a blue whale surrounded by orcas.This is the first time that predators have been recorded killing a dwarf blue whale off the coast of Australia.

While that’s a scenario that seems too extraordinary to be true, if any animal is capable of taking down the ocean’s largest whales, it’s orcas.

Black and white predators have been documented evacuating dolphins, tail-waving turtles and even squeezing the livers of great white sharks.

They also actively hunt baleen whales – a group that includes 14 species of whales including humpback, gray and blue whales – but they often attach themselves to juveniles and juveniles.

Blue whale attacks have only been recorded a handful of times.

The mammal targeted in the recent attack was the 20 meter dwarf blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus brevicauda) – a subspecies of blue whale found in the Indian and southern Pacific oceans.

They can reach a maximum length of about 24 meters, which would put this individual at the top of sexual maturity.

“The thickness of the stalk, the scars on the body and the number of cookie cutter bites all suggest an old animal,” Totterdell told us via email.

Taking down a whale of this size is no small feat. The mission requires a careful sync attack. “Orcas are known as the wolves of the sea. They hunt in packs with ordered precision.”

“Killer whales attack a whale in many different places, by attaching themselves to the dorsal fin and caudal segments, to slow down and hold the whale – to submerge it.” It took these Orcs almost an hour to take down their huge prey.

A group of about 10 orcas clung to the whale as it pumped its tail in an attempt to escape.