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Terrifying moment man discovers two huge pythons battling in his KITCHEN

This is the terrifying moment a man discovered two huge pythons wrestling over a mate in his kitchen.

The footage, taken in a rural suburb of Brisbane, shows the reptiles entwined with each other as they slither across the tiled floor.

Terrifying moment man discovers two huge pythons battling in his KITCHEN

Terrifying moment man discovers two huge pythons battling in his KITCHEN

Terrifying moment man discovers two huge pythons battling in his KITCHEN

Terrifying moment man discovers two huge pythons battling in his KITCHEN


These Giant Animals Actually Exist!?

When we first stop to consider ‘massive’ animals, our minds might wander to giraffes and whales.

Today, we are going to blow the lid off of your conventional way of thinking by highlighting 18 animals that are too massive to be real. While it may be hard to believe, each and every animal you are about to see is as real as the cat or puppy in your house. Let’s begin!

1.  Colossal Squid

Imagine that you are floating in the ocean, right off of the deck of your boat. The sun is shining and the water is warm and, wait, what’s that? Did something just brush your foot? The ocean is home to all manner of wonder, but none more incredible than the Colossal Squid.

The Colossal Squid can grow up to 90-feet long. For comparison, your average school bus is roughly 45 feet long.

2. Field Marshall the Bull

We know that bulls can get pretty large all on their own, but this bull is pushing the limit. Named Field Marshall, this 3,682-pound bull became famous in 2009.

The Bull stands over 6’5 feet tall and consumes more than 17 lbs of food per day. The best part about Field Marshall is that he gets to live out a happy retirement.

3. Moose the Horse

Ignore the silly name and stare in wonder at Moose, the massive horse that has the world talking. Moose stands over 19 feet tall and looks fit to jump over a mountain if he sσ pleased. Moose comes from a line of horse that was originally bred for the purposes of war.

4. African Giant Snail

We don’t typically think of ‘massive’ and ‘snail’ in the same sentence unless we’re being sarcastic of course. However, the Giant African Snail is definitely big enough to raise a few eyebrows. This massive creature is the largest land-snail in existence.

The Giant African Land Snail reaches heights of 8 inches and widths of 4 inches. You’ll end up tripping over one of these things if you aren’t careful.

5. Giant Freshwater Stingrays

Unfortunately, these majestic creatures are endangered and that means we’ll likely be seeing them less and less as time goes on. Giant Freshwater Stingrays look like massive creatures ripped right out of the latest ‘Alien’ movie. These stingrays can get up to 16.5 feet long while weighing in at over 1,300 lbs.

6. Big Cow Chilli

If stingrays and bulls freak you out, how about meeting Big Cow Chilli? A gentle giant above all, this 6’6 cow weighs over a ton and loves scratches on the nose and long walks in the pasture. For comparison’s sake, you should know that Chilli is roughly the size of a small elephant.

7. Eastern Gorilla

There’s nothing abnormal about the Eastern Gorilla except, perhaps, the fact that they are endangered. Found in a small segment of Africa, the Eastern Gorilla weighs in at nearly 330 lbs. while reaching heights of around 5’6. Incredibly strong and intelligent, it’s a shame to see these creatures slowly wiped off of the planet.

8. Giant Mekong Catfish

The next time you cast your fishing line, you might want to hesitate when you feel a big tug. In 2005, fishermen from Northern Thailand managed to reel in one of the biggest fish that we have ever seen. The Giant Mekong Catfish ended up weighing in at 646 pounds while reaching a length of nine feet. For a comparison, this fish was as large as a grizzly bear.

9. Bismarck Flying Fox

Found in New Guinea, the Bismarck Flying Fox looks like something pulled straight out of a Disney cartoon. Also known as the Megabat, the Bismarck Flying Fox was only three pounds but it measured out at nearly five feet. Can you imagine this thing swooping down at you?

10. Goliath Birdeater

Have you ever wondered what the largest spider in the world looked like? Well, you’ve just found out. The Goliath Birdeater is one foot in length while weighing in at 6 oz. If you’re looking at the raw numbers before deciding to be freaked out, you’re doing it wrong. This spider is as large as a dinner plate and capable of eating birds. Found in the rainforest, you’d be well-served to keep your distance.

11. Hogzilla

Allegedly, this massive hog threatened to attack 11-year-old child Jamison Stone and his father while they were out hunting. The Stone’s managed to kill the creature with a gun before posing with this picture. Allegedly, the hog was nine-feet long and weighed in at over 1,000 lbs. While the veracity of this specific pig is in question, scientists have unearthed similarly sized hog fossils.

12. Coconut Crabs

Do you have a crushing fear of giant insects? Oh, good because the Coconut Crab is technically an anthropoid. Found throughout islands in the Indian Ocean, Coconut Crabs look like something pulled out of a Lovecraft novel. These crabs can weigh up to 9 pounds while growing in size comparable to a darn garbage can.

13. Gibson the Great Dane

We figured that you needed some real eye-bleach, sσ here is Gibson the Great Dane. The tallest dog on the planet, Gibson is as tall as Shaquille O’Neal. Gibson only weighs 170 pounds sσ his thin frame is slightly less menacing. Cruella Deville probably wouldn’t want to mess with this pup.

14. Nomura’s Jellyfish

We’re starting to think that the ocean should be off limits. The Nomura Jellyfish can be found in the Pacific Ocean, near Japan. Nomura’s Jellyfish is the largest cnidarian in the world and is edible, though we wouldn’t suggest trying to wrangle one up yourself. These jellyfish are 6’6 feet long and weigh in at over 450 lbs.

15. Saltwater Crocodile

Sharks are apex predators, they have no natural enemies. Saltwater Crocodiles have been found to eat sharks. That’s the way the world works. Saltwater Crocodiles can weigh up to 2,000 pounds while growing up to 18 feet in length. This is probably the most terrifying animal on our list.

16. Cinereous Vulture

Nevermind, the Cinereous Vulture is pretty terrifying. This magnificent bird weighs over 30 lbs and sports a wingspan of nearly 10 feet. We probably wouldn’t let the dogs out when this bird is flying overhead.

17. Titan Longhorn Beetle

Don’t like bugs? Too bad. The Titan Longhorn Beetle is over half of a foot long and it sports mandibles that can cut pencils straight in half. These creatures hiss and bite and are generally not the kind of bugs we’d want to find in our kitchen.

18. Japanese Spider Crabs

Did we mention that crabs look like aliens? The Japanese Spider Crab looks too terrifying to be real, but we’re sure that they taste good. We don’t want to go near one of these with a bowl of butter, however, as their massive pinching claws can do some serious damage. Japanese Spider Crabs can reach lengths of up to 12 feet.