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The Finalists Of The 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Have Been Announced And They Might Crack You Up

After a long wait and a fierce but friendly competition, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have announced their finalists. And the photos are sσ good, they’re bound to make your day brighter.

One of the founders of the Awards, Tom Sullam, told Bored Panda that the competition exists to recognize great photography and pictures of wild animals that make us snort into our cups of tea. The competition also aims to raise awareness about conservation through a humorous, upbeat, and positive association with these animals.

Read on for our full interview with Tom about the competition’s 6th year, scroll down to check out the finalists, upvote your fave photos, and let us know in the comments which picture you’d pick as your winner. Speaking of those, keep an eye out for the winners on October 22! And have a peek at last year’s finalists here and winners here.




“We strongly believe humor and positivity have a major role to play in building awareness, interest, and eventually action towards protecting the animals that live on this planet,” Tom said. “Over the years, the competition has focused more and more on the conservation, working with the Born Free Foundation and promoting conservation efforts around the world.”

He continued: “We, without being too preachy, want to get you all, and ourselves, to behave a tiny bit differently towards the world we live in. The smallest effort achieved towards conservation is better than the biggest effort never started!”

Tom was ecstatic about how well this year’s competition was turning out. “We expected this year to be a little bit tricky as a result of COVID restrictions. But quite sensationally and against all better judgment, we received the highest number of entries ever, over 7,000—and the standard across the board has gone up incredibly,” Tom shared.




“It has been such a positive response and such an upbeat process to be part of when sσ many things in 2020 have been sσ miserable/depressing/disappointing!”

Tom said that the images coming in at such a high volume have kept his and his team’s spirits up and he hopes they’ll do the same for all of us.

“Choosing the finalists was basically an impossible task, our initial shortlist was over 400, which is three times more than it has ever been. If ever there was a year when many could have won this was it and we genuinely feel terribly sorry for those that we couldn’t get into the final 44 (which should have been 40 but we just couldn’t reject the other 4).”