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The Hippo Is Angry At Being Disturbed And The Sad Ending For The Little Shark.

Greed is a bad virtue for both humans as well as many animals. Just because of greed for food, the shark almost had to pay a heavy price. Spotted a small shark swimming near a nearby family of hippos. Being able to work in freshwater and saltwater at the same time is one of the interesting features of the white-eyed bull shark. Places such as estuaries are familiar places for this fish because this is where they will often visit when they give birth.

In areas where hippos choose to soak in the water, there are often a lot of fish around. It is this that attracts the greedy shark to enter, in search of food. But perhaps because this is an estuary, the water is very turbid, making the shark’s vision limited, sσ instead of focusing on hunting it crashes into a hippo. Don’t let the slow, sluggish appearance of the hippopotamus be taken lightly, because this is one of the most dangerous animals. This breed is highly territorial, sσ it hates to be disturbed. Sσ when they detect an intruder, they will be aggressive and extremely dangerous.

The hippo that was touched immediately became annoyed and began to attack the shark again. Fortunately for the intruder, when he realized the danger, he quickly found a way to escape, otherwise he would have suffered unpredictable consequences.

One of the most common sharks that attack humans, the white-eyed bull shark usually lives in shallow coastal waters where humans often swim. They are considered one of the most dangerous shark species in the world because of their very high rate of attack on humans, second only to great white sharks and leopard sharks.