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The moment of ‘suffocating’ the mother horse stared blankly at the crocodile grabbing her baby’s head

The Nile crocodile easily defeats a young zebra when it follows its mother across the river during its annual great migration.

Aiming at the right moment for the baby zebra to relax, the crocodile aggressively rushed to bite the head of the prey, putting an end to the short life of the pony.

The crocodile’s definitive predation took place in the Maasai Malaysia National Reserve in Kenya, as 2.5 million wildebeest, zebra and antelope migrated to eastern Europe. Fly. Julius Dadalti, the 48-year-old Brazilian photographer, captured this breathtaking moment.

Panicked by the crocodile grabbing the leg, the baby zebra frantically struggled to find a chance to escape. Surprised by the attack, the crocodile briefly relaxed its jaw joint. However, the pony could not get up to escape when the predator grabbed its head, pulled it straight into the water, and began to bite.

“It’s hard to control your emotions when you’re an animal lover and you see a mother zebra watching her young being eaten alive by a crocodile in front of her,” Davalti said.

He continued: “The photographer’s job is to tell the story through images, whether sweet or tragic. Crocodiles can go without food for several months, but this is the season when they are active to hunt much lucrative prey. This is the law of nature.”

On the 2,900 km migratory journey, the members of the group faced the same dangers, even about 250,000 wildebeest no longer had the opportunity to set foot in the new land with their companions. No matter where there are predators waiting, the biggest danger of migratory animals is still crocodiles hiding in the water.

The massive Nile crocodile waited patiently for the pony to swim past to grab the bait and drag it under the water. In a panic, the pony struggled to get out of the crocodile’s jaws. But the predator quickly gripped it tighter and dragged the pony away. Although the mother horse was nearby, there was nothing she could do to save the young.