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The Top 10 Cute Animals That Can Actually Kill You

Animals touch us all. We feel pure admiration when watching them, and no one can stay indifferent. However, we could never have imagined that some of the nicest ones might actually harm us.

Bright Side made a list of cute yet dangerous animals. To calm you down though there’s a bonus at the end of the article.

10. Leopard seal

These ones look sσ cute that we certainly don’t expect any harm from them. However, there are known cases of seal attacks on researchers, and they can show quite aggressive behavior. One of their favorite meals is penguins. Keep this information in mind whenever you want to swim with a leopard seal.

9. Panda

Of course, we all adore these cuties. They look sσ innocent and helpless that they became a symbol of peace and kindness. However, you’d better not mess with a panda. If you accidentally cross its territory or if it senses danger, a panda can seriously hurt you. Its bearish nature will make itself felt.

8. Swan

Swans make up a significant part of romantic imagination. We associate them with true love, but didn’t you know that love hurts? Well, these creatures could really damage you. If they feel a threat, they will do their best to protect themselves. Sσ please don’t try to feed them with something tasteless – they’re watching you.

7. Anteater

They look rather scruffy and definitely harmless because, hey, they don’t even have teeth. How could such an animal hurt a human? However, please pay attention to its claws. It mainly uses them to excavate food, of course, but it won’t hesitate to use them to defend itself. It can do incredible harm with just one swipe.

6. Tasmanian devil

Well, this little creature is famous from our favorite cartoon. And maybe its name is quite laconic and speaks for itself, but just look at it. It looks sσ funny and cartoonish that we don’t expect any harm. But this works until the moment it bares its fangs. Ok, maybe it still looks a bit like a mole. But we shouldn’t make jokes because a Tasmanian devil could kill us all.

5. Elephant

Despite being one of the biggest and strongest animals, we see elephants as kind and naive creatures. And, to be honest, humanity treats them in a rather consumable way. Maybe that’s why, in recent years, we’ve seen more and more deadly accidents involving elephants. It looks like a planned revenge. Don’t forget how intelligent they actually are.

4. Pufferfish

This nice one becomes the deadliest fish ever…after its own death. We’ve all heard about the famous Japanese meal called Fugu. This kind of dinner may turn fatal if the fish is poorly prepared because of its toxins, which it uses for protection when alive. Not the best food ever, right?

3. Poison dart frog

They look surprisingly beautiful and charming for frogs, but this is a case where appearances are deceptive. There are a few types of poison frogs, and the level of toxicity varies. The most dangerous one is the golden. It can easily kill 10 adults if they touch them.

2. Dolphin

This information may really shock you, but we have to face the truth. Along with humans, bottlenose dolphins are the only species that can kill with no natural reason. Dolphins definitely have a high intellect, which, unfortunately, sometimes seems to be not sσ harmless. Just as it’s true with humans.

1. Slow loris

Oh, look at these eyes. Can you imagine anything cuter? Well, maybe you should since this one is known to be the most poisonous mammal in the world. If it accidentally bites you, you can experience anaphylactic shock and other really dangerous conditions. Scientists reveal that a loris mimics a cobra. Sounds really terrifying, you little monsters.

If you are really fond of cute animals but they turn out to be outrageously dangerous you can get toy versions of them. Such cute things can’t help making your day better.