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These strange creatures make you unable to believe it exists, but the truth …

Scientists find new species of animals and plants almost every day. The world of flora and fauna is gradually opening its doors and giving us an opportunity to meet the most unusual residents of our planet. Did you know that there is a blue bee that exists in nature? Or that there is a dove that looks like it just returned from a Brazilian carnival? We bet you won’t be able to distinguish a ghost mantis from a fallen autumn leaf.

We at Bride Side also didn’t know all this and that’s why we decided to explore this topic more thoroughly. All because, according to research, more than 7 million species of live creatures have still not been studied and are waiting to be discovered.

1. The Blue angel. A sea slug that floats upside down, eats venomous creatures, and accumulates their toxins to use them against enemies.

3. The pygmy seahorse hides in coral and rarely grows longer than 0.79 in.

4. The Madagascar leaf-tailed gecko. Scientists found this species only recently because its representatives skillfully disguise themselves as fallen leaves.

6. The black and rufous elephant shrew uses its nose to dig insects out of the ground.

7. The Ghost mantis also imitates fallen leaves. It looks like a brown leaf during droughts and changes its color to green when the humidity increases.

9. The Chestnut-bellied imperial pigeon. This bright bird lives mainly in New Guinea and feeds on fruits.

11. The Titan Beetle is one of the largest beetles on Earth. The good thing is that insectophobes have nothing to fear: this insect lives only in the dense forests of the Amazon.

13. The Cyclopes didactylus is a nocturnal animal and almost never comes down from the tree tops. It has no teeth, but it has a sticky tongue.

14. The Indian giant squirrel. Unlike ordinary squirrels, it stores its food stocks in caches at the tops of trees.

16. The carpenter bee. Unlike ordinary bees, blue bees live alone.

18. The ornate ghost pipefish. It’s hard to find this sophisticated creature and easy to lose it because it hides in coral reefs.

20. The treehopper. It closely cooperates with other insects: ants drink the sweet secretions treehoppers leave and they protect them from predators in return.

21. The Peruphasma schultei. It can only be found in the small territory of the Cordillera del Condor region, in Peru on an area of fewer than 5 hectares.

22. The armadillo girdled lizard. These mini dragons live in groups of 30-60 individuals.

25. The Giant African land snail is considered to be one of the most harmful types of snails — Achatinas settled all over the world and are gradually replacing local mollusks.