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This Facebook Group Is Dedicated To Crappy Wildlife Photos That Are Sσ Bad They’re Good

How many times have you scrolled through breathtaking wildlife photography shots and told yourself “challenge accepted”? Well, it turns out it’s not sσ easy to take that pitch-perfect shot.

Wild animals⁠, they move. A camera⁠, it wobbles. A hand⁠, it shakes. And weather⁠, it’s always a mystery. This is the combination you need to get a spectacularly terrible wildlife pic. In fact, some of the entries are sσ bad they’ve made their way into the Crap Wildlife Photography group on Facebook. Here are some of the best-failed shots that may make you think twice about pressing that capture button any time soon.

#1 I Took This Picture Of A Carpenter Bee Last Summer

#2 I Was In The Middle Of A Zoom When I Noticed This Bastard

#3 Timed My Shot Perfectly. *sigh*

Theinfortimes contacted Marina Cano, an award-winning wildlife photographer and Canon ambassador who told us what it takes to capture wildlife like a pro. Marina’s work has been on the covers of National Geographic, and in 2015 she was a finalist of the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest.

With sσ many funny photos of wildlife and animals surfing around the internet, one cannot help but wonder what makes it sσ difficult to capture that golden shot. “It lies in how unpredictable the animals can be,” explained Marina, “but that’s also the most exciting thing about capturing the one perfectly timed photo.”

#4 Didn’t Know I Was Playing The Sims

#5 I Went Out To The Balcony To Photograph The Birds, But Instead Photographed A Fish…

#6 Tried To Get A Spread Wings Shot…

According to Marina, the most important thing to know before taking a camera is that “whatever happens in the day you will come back home happy to be in the wild.” On top of that, you need to be passionate, because in this case “you won’t blame anything and just enjoy it.” And how many times have we blamed the wobbly camera, crappy weather, and bad light?

A day in the life of a wildlife photography professional looks “more or less like a normal job,” except when you shoot in the bush. “The days in the bush make this job the most enjoyable profession on Earth.” Marina said she wakes up at around 4:00 and she’s happy to know “I have the rest of the daylight to spend in nature, to be witness, and to expect, if lucky, to capture the most extraordinary action out there.”

#7 Realizing I’d Made A Mistake

#8 Owl

#9 When You Have An Encounter With A Rare Predator But Get Photobombed By A Magpie

In wildlife photography, nature dictates everything. That means that in order to get that picture, you need practice. But some things should be inherent to an animal and wildlife photographer. You need to be able to keep silent, stay still for long periods of time. Remember that nature is their home, and you’re the guest.

You should also learn to keep your eyes open for every little thing. Animals living in the wild have adapted to their environments extremely well. Taking a nice shot usually takes days of hard work and dedication, sσ you need to be patient.

We previously wrote about the photographer who took a perfect shot of a kingfisher after 4,200 hours and 720,000 attempts. This award-winning shot of an eagle also took Norwegian photographer Audun Rikardsen 3 years of wait. Sσ, yeah, we are talking years of wait in the pro game.

#10 Courtesy Of My Dad And His Ancient Phone… Little Owl Eating Lunch

#11 A Most Majestic Tree

#12 I Give You Pizza Squirrel.

#13 When Poles Fly

#14 Took A Photo Of A Drill

#15 Grasshopper

#16 This Handfeeding The Birds Was Going Great Until He Looked Right At Me And I Realized His Face Was Actually Kinda Scary And He Looked Pretty Pissed Off!

#17 I Got Distracted By The Frog In The Back And Lost Focus But To Be Entirely Honest I Think National Geographic Should Use This Picture As Their Cover.

#18 Hmmm

#19 Not Amused

#20 The Pinnacle Of My Wildlife Photography Career

#21 I Found A God Of All Pidgeons On A Walk With My Dog

#22 I’m Not Sure Why I Ever Thought It Was A Good Idea To Take A Picture Of The Sheep In The Dark, But It Ended Up Being The Stuff That Nightmares Are Made Of.

#23 Behold, The Majestic Bald Eagle

#24 Doe In Background Was Taking A Crap, Just To Top It Off

#25 Didn’t Know How Funny This Was Until I Sent It To My Daughter…

#26 This Freaky Flying Ghost Child Is Actually A Blurred Great Blue Heron

#27 A Magnificent Swan

#28 Gotta Be Quicker Than That!

#29 Brontosaurus Are Faaaaast

#30 ‘you Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round.’ Low Light + The Wrong Camera Setting = Guess The Animal. Nb No Animals Were Hurt In The Taking Of This Shot.. It Landed Safely On My Patio

#31 Blurry And Screaming – A Mood

#32 How Flippin Weird Do Pigeons Look When They Look Down?

#33 Out Of Focus Mantis Looks Like Cracked Out Mantis

#34 🙁

#35 Found This Amongst Some Beauties

#36 Raccoon/Fergus Falls, Minnesota

#37 I Present The Mighty, Yet Gentle, Caribbean Manatee.

#38 This Cougar Was Sσ Close I Was Able To Get A Picture Of It!!!