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Top 10 Most Popular Hong Kong Actresses

Although pure Hong Kong movies have been declining, female Hong Kong movie stars who became famous for starring Hong Kong films are unforgettable to many people.

Today let us check the top 10 Hong Kong film actresses.

1. Maggie Cheung

Maggine Cheung (born in 1964) came on the scene following his winning of Miss Photogenic in Miss Hong Kong in 1983. She gradually formed her adept acting skills after years of being an eye candy and was later favored by major directors.

Director Wong Kar-wai coached her how to bloom her introverted temperament while Stanley Kwan molded her into a sad “Ruan Lingyu.” These well-known actors helped her walk on the star road step by step. Her famous movies are In the Mood for Love (花样年华), Days of Being Wild(阿飞正传), Comrades: Almost a Love Story (甜蜜蜜),Center Stage(阮玲玉), Ashes of Time(东邪西毒).

2. Shu Qi

The Taiwan born beauty Shu Qi is a classic style beauty. She might not look good when her features are taken apart, but when put together, his face will be sσ charming and sweet. She started her acting career as a Taiwan soft-porn actress and later transitioned to award-winning star.

Her famous movies are The Assassin(刺客聂隐娘),Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons(西游:降魔篇),ᵴeᶍ and Zen II(玉蒲团之玉女心经),Viva Erotica(色情男女)。

3. Carman Lee

Carman Lee, a former stewardess, had her very glory years. She took up the first ad and was soon discovered by director Tsui Hark. In the time when long hair was popular in Hong Kong entertainment circle, Carman Lee’s “handsome” short hair made her face look sσ perfect.

Carman was regarded as a new generation of “Lady Master” after Vivian Chow. Here famous movies are The Wicked City(妖兽都市), Loving You(无味神探), The Odd One Lives(两个只能活一个). She also has many famous TV dramas including The Condor Heroes 95(神雕侠侣), Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils(天龙八部), Battle Through the Heavens(斗破苍穹)

4. Gigi Lαi

Gigi is nicknamed “Goddess of Beauty”. No matter what she experienced and how many years passed, she still maintained glamorous appearance like the old days when she just rose to fame from TVB.

At age of 24 she played soft sister “little stutter” in movie series “Young and Dangerous“, while at 32 she still could acted the young lady Yuying in the TV series “War and Beauty”. Her famous works are War and Beauty(金枝欲孽), The Gem of Life (珠光宝气).

5. Cherie Chung

Cherie Chung was the chief actress in Hong Kong in the 1980s. She swept Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan with super sẹc xy appearance. Cherie was known as the “Hong Kong’s first beauty” in the 1980s and become many people’s “dream girl” at that time.

Many of her films have become classics in Hong Kong film industry. Her famous movies are An Autumn’s Tale(秋天的童话),Once a Thief(纵横四海), Hong Kong Hong Kong(男与女).

6. Christy Chung

Christy Chung is a half Chinese, half Vietnamese actress. She stood out in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 1993. With plump or somewhat fat figure, she has very strong femininity.

In 1994, Christy and Takeshi Kaneshiro cooperated in the movie “Mermaid Got Married” and obtained instant fame with the hot image of mermaid. Her other famous movies are Jan Dara(晚娘),The Bodyguard from Beijing(中南海保镖), Love on Delivery (破坏之王).

7. Joey Wang

Joey Wang started her acting career in Taiwan and later moved to Hong Kong. She has unique charm and sweetness and changeable temperament, which impressed famous Hong Kong directors deeply.

Joey brought a fresh wind to the Hong Kong film, even when she was used as a “eye candy” in the film she often overshadowed the limelight of the hero. Her famous movies are A Chinese Ghost Story(倩女幽魂), City Hunter(城市猎人), A Chinese Ghost Story II(倩女幽魂人间道).

8. Irene Wan

With bright eyes and red lips, it would not fair if Irene did not enjoy popularity in Hong Kong. Her most well-known Hong Kong drama “Fire Rose” made many fashionable women follow her image in the film. Her other movies include All Of A Sudden(惊变), Everlasting Love(停不了的爱), Lonely Fifteen(靓妹仔).

9. Chingmy Yau

Jen Chiou was considered the sexiest actress in the 1990s. She is a lovely woman and one of the most popular idols in Hong Kong.

She also appeared in a series of Hong Kong Category III films, and the most famous one is “Naked Killer” (1992).  Others films are Naked Killer (赤裸羔羊), City Hunter(城市猎人), God of Gamblers Returns(赌神2),Kung Fu Cult Master(倚天屠龙记只魔教教主).

10. Vivian Chow

Vivian’s image was a pure dream of Hong Kong men the 1990s. She has beautiful big eyes, soft long hair, silky tone, no matter from any aspect she is a perfect and faultless woman. Her ladylike stage image made a strong impression on audience.

Her famous movies are Café. Waiting. Love(等一个人咖啡), All About Love(得闲炒饭), Heart to Hearts(三人新世界).

Do you know other famous Hong Kong actresses? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.