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Who Is Stronger, The King Of The Jungle Or The King Of The Swamp?

Tiger is strong enough to bring down an animal which is abt 5 times its size such as indian gaur and Indian rhinoceros.

Crocodile has one of the strongest bite force in the animal kingdom , its sσ strong that once they catch hold of something it’s almost impossible to escape from it and in case u manage to escape it u will end up loosing a part of ur body .

As u can see mugger crocodile hunts mainly on deer , monkeys ,fishes and many such small animals whereas tiger sometimes hunts large prey like Indian gaur and water buffaloes which can weigh over a ton whereas a mugger crocodile doesn’t hunt a prey that big . Im considering mugger crocodile and saltwater crocodile here in this case as they share the habitat with the tiger .

A mugger crocodile is weighs abt 200 kg and it can grow upto 14 -16 feet and has one of the devastating bite force in the animal kingdom . A male bengal tiger weighs upto 220 -250kg on average and can reach upto 2.9 meters or more than 3 meters on average . Sσ if the fight takes in water then there would b 50/50 chances for both as tigers also known to fight and hunt in water (and even underwater).

But if the fight takes place on land then the crocodile is no match for the tiger and tiger would win 100% . I hope u know the case where machli a famous tigress lost 3 canines while killing a 14 feet long mugger crocodile . Tigers r the only big cats which r known to hunt crocodiles when there is scarcity of food.

Now let’s consider the saltwater crocodile. The saltwater crocodile is the largest of all the existing crocodilians and weighs upto 400 kg to 1 ton on average . Saltwater crocodiles unlike mugger crocodiles r known to hunt large animals like gaur and they also hunt water buffaloes weighing over a ton in their habitat and it’s an extremely powerful animal.

If the fight takes place in water then surely a tiger wouldn’t stand a chance against the strongest subspecies of crocodiles and if the fight takes place on land then the tiger has more chances of winning against the crocodile for the simple reason that crocodiles r slow on land and their only defense is their jaws which can’t turn more than 30° .

As we know, crocodiles even a saltwater crocodile (largest crocodile species) can’t hunt even a rabbit on land they only hunt animals on water and they are also not able to hunt on land because their body is not made for hunting on land, that’s why they hunt in water while, tigers are best hunters on land however, tigers are also good swimmer but they can’t compete crocodiles sσ, it depends on which place they are fighting in land tiger has 100% chances to win like tigress machhli did, but in water crocodiles has many more chances to win against tiger.