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Wild dog survives by playing dead in an attempt to escape from the lioness’ jaws

A wild dog tightly grasped in the jaws of a lioness shocked safari visitors by fleeing its captor after playing dead.

In the wild natural environment, animals have to compete fiercely for survival, hunting dogs of course have many enemies. Those who only need a “stumbling” of the hound, will be ready to punish and turn it into a “meal” in the blink of an eye.

The cʟip shot by a tour guide in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe will show us one of the rare “stumbling” moments of the hound and its amazing way of unpacking.

According to the cameraman, a pack of wild dogs resting after a full meal was caught in the sights of the lioness. This is a famously sharp predatory lion in the park, sσ people can recognize it with just a glance.

As expected, after a while of observing and stalking the lioness, she discovered a stray stray dog. Not missing the opportunity to eat, fast as lightning, the lion rushed to attack, defeat the prey, and then quietly released it away from the herd.

The guide said: “Because of the playfulness, the wild dog got lost from the herd, leading to a situation where he was caught by the lion. When carried away by the lion, the wild dog looked like it was dead, soft body, let the lion do whatever he wants.”

At this time, the stray dogs began to realize the absence of a member, sσ they split up to search. A member of the herd discovered that the lion was carrying his brother far away and did not mind the danger of approaching and exerting pressure.

Angered that someone was harassing and also partly subjectively believing that his prey was dead, the lion immediately released it to drive away from the enemy.

To the surprise of all witnesses, the wild dog – thought to be dead, was revived, “3 legs 4 legs” rushed to safety.

Out of curiosity, a few days later, the guide returned to check the health of the wild dog and found that it was the leader of the pack and completely healthy.