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Wildebeest alone against two lions in a battle for life and unexpected results

The battle of predators in the wild is never easy, especially when the opponents are those who crave life and have strong wills.

With a large number, concentrated in Kenya, the rest distributed in Namibia and other countries, wildebeest is an important food source for carnivores living there.

They are animals with an unusual shape, combining the head and horns of a cow, a horse’s tail with a long black hair highlight. However, they also do not belong to the breed of cows or horses but belong to the antelope family, whose scientific name is Connochaetes Gnou.

Therefore, wildebeests are relatively gentle, shy species. Just any animal that comes close is enough to scare it away and run away for its life.

However, when cornered, faced with two choices of life or death, wildebeest will become extremely brave, fiercely resisting the fearsome forces of the moor.

Like in the cʟip recorded by Hannes Joubert in Kruger National Park, South Africa will show us how the effort, the desire to live off a wildebeest creates miracles.

On the occasion of the long holiday, Hannes Joubert chose Africa as the destination of his travel trip. On the way to Olifants Camp, his crew came across a wildebeest being hunted.

Curious to see if the ill-fated animal was left, Joubert and his friends decided to return to that location in the afternoon of the same day.

Luck smiled on Joubert, although the body of the old antelope was not found, the next incident was much more dramatic.

At the old site, Joubert’s team discovered a pair of lionesses stalking another wildebeest, also gathered there with her pack.

In a lion population, they often hunt in small groups led mainly by lionesses. In this case, too, it can be said that these 2 lionesses are extremely elite predators, sσ they are prioritized to be sent to find food for the herd.

After about an hour of concentrated waiting, the wildebeest finally separated from its group to go alone. Seizing the opportunity in front of them, the two lions immediately attacked, pinning the antelope to the ground. Not only could not defeat the prey but the lion was also beaten painfully.

Continuously familiar, malicious attacks are launched such as biting, tearing, and aiming directly at the danger of the prey. However, with its unyielding spirit and inner strength, the wildebeest can still stand.

Not only that, in a careless second, a lioness was also stuck on the horn of the wildebeest and was thrown into the sky by it. The other one tried to hold on by biting on the prey’s leg, but it couldn’t hold for long and had to give up. In the end, the victory called the wildebeest, leaving the lions bewildered, regretting the loss of their prey.