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Winners Of Nature “inFocus” Photo Contest Capture Incredible Moments On Earth (37 Pics)

The Nature inFocus Photography Contest honors talented photographers who document unique natural history moments and critical conservation issues and generate an impressive catalog of imaginative and artistic images every year.

Radha Rangarajan, who is the editor of the contest, told: “The Nature inFocus Photography Contest began back in 2015, and this is the 7th edition of our contest!” The winners and finalists of this year’s contest were announced on November 22 via a live YouTube event. More than 2,000 photographers from 40 countries submitted nearly 18,000 photographs featuring amazing images of nature.

1. The Resting Monarch


2. The King’s Feast


3. Northern Lights


4. A Bush Elephant


5. After ‘While Crocodile!


6. The Illusionist



7. Pay Through The Nose


8. Catwalk


9. Blue Symphony


10. Hamster Wheel Of Life


11. The Old Man And The Forest


12. City Lights


13. Hop Into The Limelight


14. A Hiss In The Canopy


15. Going Astray


16. Spider Dreams


17. Neon Night


18. Plastic Island


19. Evicted


20. Tag, You Are It!


21. A Heritage Sight


22. Cut To The Chase


23. Nose-To-Tail Diet


24. Pixie Dust


25. Toxic-City


26. Who Let The Bees Out!


27. Wool In The Snow


28. Bear In The Woods


29. Entrapment


30. Love Is Orange


31. Something In The Rain


32. Swarm The Sun


33. This Divided Land

34. Rush Hour


35. Deep Cleaning Services

36. Collateral Damage


37. Fishing For Rubbish