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With Their Lifelong Connection A Golden Retriever And A Dolphin Are Sweeping The Internet

Even though animals form odd friendships, nothing compares to the remarkable relationship shared by a Golden Retriever and a dolphin, who have been best friends for over a decade.

Meet Gunner and Delta, everyone!

While seeing animals of various species interacting in the sweetest ways may be a common sight for many of you, a friendship between a dog and a dolphin is something you won’t see every day. Despite this, Gunner and Delta have been surprising the world with their unusual bond for almost eight years.

They met years ago at the Dolphin Research Center in Florida and have been inseparable ever since. Gunner was only eight weeks old at the time, and his marine friend was four. They didn’t meet by chance, even though they enjoy one of nature’s most amazing friendships.

The dog’s mother, who works as a trainer at the facility, was curious in how dolphins react to different things or creatures, such as pups. Marie Blanton felt it would be great to meet her puppy, Gunner, to Delta, because he was with her virtually every day. I’m sσ happy she did!

“I was expecting him to bark or become incredibly excited when he first got on the docks, but he did the opposite: he simply laid down and observed,” Blanton told Business Insider.

“It turns out that this calm manner piqued the interest of the friendly and inquisitive Delta.”

That brief encounter was enough for the two to become lifelong friends. Delta had always been there to meet Gunner and provide him toys whenever he arrived at the docks.

“Delta was always the first dolphin to the pier when I brought Gunner down.” “As though he was attempting to play with him, he would bring him his toys,” she explained. “The friendship grew organically over time.” Both boys have gotten older, sσ they don’t get to see each other as much as they used to.”