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The 16 Largest Things on Earth

There were times when the world was ruled by creatures much bigger than us – they were real prehistoric giants. But even today nature can surprise us with its huge creations. 16. Sequoia trees Sequoia trees are the biggest living things on this planet (by volume). They can grow up …

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How 11 Animals Have Changed Over Time

Whether it be the result of domestication or the work of nature, the animal kingdom is always developing. While some animals, although evolved, might seem similar to their ancestors, others have changed drastically to the extent that they might not even be recognizable as relatives. Domestic sheep The mouflon is …

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21 Things Whose Size Came as a Total Surprise

When we look at photographs, we sometimes don’t have any idea of the true size of certain things. In order to understand our world better, we should see these objects in comparison with others. The things we considered small may turn out to be really huge. 1. The sheer size …

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20 Animal Photos That Prove Nature Is a Color Guru

Apparently, the beautiful landscapes and sights nature provides for us to look at and admire aren’t enough, because it has one-upped itself with these animals that are covered in unique fur markings and patterns. They make us wonder if they’re real or if nature has learned how to use Photoshop! Bright Side would like to share 20 animals with you whose …

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15 Photos That Will Make You Feel Like a Tiny Ant

Be prepared: we are about to travel to a world where everything is massive and we are just a tiny viewer of this spectacle. From huge man-made objects to breathtaking plants and animals, what you’re about to see is not fiction and can be closer to you than you think. One example of this is that, while the average human size is around 1.70 m, a whale shark found in every tropical sea can measure an impressive …

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